Nine Bedroom Student Houses in Loughborough

A 9-bedroom student house in Loughborough is perfect for students who love socialising and want a buzzing student house while they study. If you enjoyed living in student halls, these larger properties are ideal. With multiple bathrooms, big kitchens and modern living spaces, you'll no doubt get a great pad.

Options for nine bedroom homes in Loughborough city centre are limited, but there are plenty of options spread across the city's student-heavy suburbs. Plus, 9-bedroom student properties are more likely to have cheaper rent due to their size, so you'll have more spare cash throughout your studies.

The Golden Triangle and Forest Road are both fantastic options for students at Loughborough University. These districts have an excellent community atmosphere with plenty of local amenities right on their doorstep.

Why UniHomes?

UniHomes offer options for 9-bedroom student houses in Loughborough, with homes available across the city. If you're unsure on your requirements, we provide a variety of student accommodation in Loughborough to suit your needs. Plus, bills are included in every single home, covering your internet, TV licence and bills.

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