Student Homes in Jesmond, Newcastle

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Why Jesmond is a Great Location for Students

Jesmond is a large area towards the north of Newcastle City Centre, close to Newcastle University and Northumbria University campuses. The area is one of the most affluent in Newcastle and is one of the most sought-after districts for students when looking for accommodation. Jesmond is close to High Heaton and Heaton, with long streets spanning from Jesmond towards the city.

Jesmond is densely populated with restaurants, bars, and cafes. The area has excellent transport links to the universities and to wider Newcastle, including plenty of bus and Metro routes. Brentwood Avenue is one of the most popular areas for students within Jesmond and contains numerous designer boutiques, eating places and other shops.

Student accommodation in Jesmond is no more than 30 minutes walk to both universities, or quicker if you prefer to take public transport.

We feature a wide range of student accommodation throughout Jesmond from anywhere between small 1 bedroom apartments to larger villa style properties for bigger groups

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