Student Homes in Broomhill, Sheffield

77 student houses in Broomhill

Why Broomhill is Great for Students

Just a short distance from the University of Sheffield and Collegiate Campus of Sheffield Hallam, Broomhill is ideal for those wanting to live in an area that's got everything you need from an urban city whilst still being surrounded with greenery and open spaces.

Student accommodation in Broomhill is primarily made up of traditional style student houses, with houses accommodating anything from groups of 3 to 10 students.

Eating out in Broomhill is never going to be difficult with the range of eateries to choose from, whether you're looking for a late-night kebab or something more upmarket, Broomhill has it all. As well as having many spots to grab a coffee or a bite to eat, Broomhill has some brilliant pubs to choose from and within a short distance of the popular student drinking haunts, Ecclesall Road and Crookes, making Broomhill the ideal spot to be based.

Broomhill is definitely a winning location for students due to its great transport links into the city, and neighbouring beautiful public areas Weston Park, Crookes Valley Park and the Botanical Gardens.

UniHomes has hundreds of properties available in Broomhill around the letting season. They range from anything from a cosy 2 bedroom apartment through to a large student home, suitable for up to 10 people!

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