12 Things Not to Forget When Going to University

We've put together a list of the essentials - You won't have to worry about forgetting anything

Going to university can be pretty overwhelming, with all the packing and organising that goes with moving. From freshers week to the start of lectures, there's a lot to remember, but don't panic - we've got you covered.


Blu-tack is one of the most important items in your university arsenal (trust us). Here at UniHomes, we know the importance of making your house a home by decorating. Putting up posters and pictures is an easy way to make your space feel comfy. Plus, it's renter-friendly, so your landlord won't hold back some of your deposit from damages.

Bottle opener 

Perhaps one of the most important items on the list; a bottle opener will serve you well at university. There is nothing worse than sitting down to have a nice cold bottle of your fave beer, and then realising you’ve forgotten a bottle opener 🤦‍♀️ Be warned though, there will probably be a long line of people at your next night out waiting to use it.

Tea towels 

These are very easy to forget, but take our word for it. If you want your kitchen to be habitable after the first week of living in your new home, you’ll need a fair few tea towels.

Pack of cards

Ring of Fire will rapidly become a traditional at pre-drinks before a night out, and other cards games will easily come and go. You'll be grateful you packed that deck when everyone's wanting a game.

Tin opener

Canned food is a staple at university (if you know, you know). With that in mind, remember to pack a trusty tin opener for those days when you're just that little bit too hungover to make it to the shop.

Alarm clock

Sadly, an alarm clock is pretty important so you can get to your 9am lectures on time. Just using your phone can be a bit problematic, especially if it dies or you're tempted to shut it off in the morning (we've been there 😴). If you can, try to place it as far away from your bed as possible, so you HAVE to get up to shut it off.

Devices and chargers

If you’re anything like us, your phone's probably glued to your hand anyway. And it might be obvious, but chargers are an easy thing to forget. Pack them all up (and then some) so you aren't without power in the first few weeks of lectures.

Coat hangers

These things are as rare at university. Everyone is after their share of coat hangers - especially in a shared house. Make sure you’re ahead of the game and get a handful of these tucked away in your suitcases when you’re packing.

Fancy dress

An essential. Bring some fancy dress options for those nights out with your sports or social crowd. Planning ahead for this can save you a bunch of time when the parties comes around.

Homemade dinner

If you can, bring some homemade dishes to freeze. After having your ‘basic’ noodles during the week, you’ll be grateful that you stashed your mum’s speciality pie for later. Always good to remind you of home too.

Toilet rolls

These are more expensive than you might think (you’d think they were gold plated or something). It's a good idea to have your own supply, just in case. Be ahead of the game and bring them with you from home.

Follow this list and you'll not go far wrong. You're welcome 💃

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