12 Things Not to Forget When Going to University

You’re excited for university to begin and everything that comes along with it. After months of anticipation, you’re finally ready to meet your new housemates, explore the university and most importantly, eagerly awaiting the start freshers week. You’re that excited, it would be easy to forget to pack some of the bare essentials you’ll need for the upcoming year. This list details some of the most forgotten items that cause unlimited amount of stress during your first few weeks of university and the rest of your academic career. 

1) Blu-tack

Blu-tack is one of the most important items in your university arsenal. Here at UniHomes, we know the importance of decorating your new student houses with posters from nights out and freshers fairs, to make the house feel more like your home. Quite often, landlords limit the use of drawing pins as they may damage newly decorated walls, however you’re safe in the knowledge that blu-tack will allow your accommodation to be decorated whilst still hopefully retaining your deposit at the end of the tenancy! 

2) Bottle opener 

Perhaps one of the most important items on the list. The humble bottle opener will serve you well whilst at university. There is nothing worse than sitting down to have a nice cold bottle of your favourite beer and then realising you’ve forgotten a bottle opener! Be warned though, there will probably be a long line of people at the next student party waiting to use your trusty opener! 

3) Tea towels 

These are very easy to forget, given that most students are not too used to washing up. However, take our word for it. If you want your kitchen to be habitable after the first week of living in your new home, you’ll need a fair few tea towels.

4) Pack of cards

You may be thinking, ‘Why on earth would I want to cart a packet of dusty old cards to university?’ Well, here at UniHomes we love to educate the masses. Ring of fire will rapidly become a tradition when pre-drinking before those nights out. You’ll need the cards, trust us.

5) Tin opener

Canned food is a staple diet of many students. With that in mind, you may want to remember to pack the trusty tin opener for those days when you were just that little bit too hungover to make it to the shop.

6) Alarm clock

An essential bit of kit. Just as important as the bottle opener and even more important after the bottle opener has had some use the night before! The humble alarm clock will ensure you make it to your 9am lectures in one piece, because let’s face it; we all know that’s the best part of the day.

7) Mobile phone

If you’re anything like us, it’s probably glued to your hand anyway. However, make sure it stays on your person when leaving for university. Oh, and your phone charger might come in handy as well.

8) Coat hangers

These things are as rare as hens teeth at university. Everyone is after their share of coat hangers, especially in shared houses. Make sure you’re ahead of the game and get a handful of these tucked away in your suitcases when you’re packing.

9) Fancy dress

Make sure you’re not left out of the crowd. Fancy dress is essential for those social nights out. Make sure you don’t get left with the dusty banana costume when you eventually decide to take a trip to the fancy dress shop 10 minutes before it closes.

10) Homemade dinner

After having your ‘basic’ noodles during the week, you’ll be grateful that you stashed your mum’s speciality pie in the freezer. Always good to remind you of home too! Mmm…pie.

11) Toilet rolls

These are more expensive than want you think…seriously. You’d think they were gold plated or something. In some houses, it may even get to the stage where tenants have their own supply. Be ahead of the game and bring them with you from home.

12) Killer dance moves

If you’re out to make an impression; the lawn mower, Gangnam style or your own signature move will need to be perfected before those many times on the dance floor of your favourite club! Practice makes perfect!
Follow this list and you'll not go far wrong! By The UniHomes Team

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