Why January Sucks Even More When You’re a Student

For everyone else, January feels like one long Monday. When you’re at university it’s even more crappy, for reasons only students will understand. We’ve put together a list of the worst bits about being a student in January... 

Christmas is over

Oh December, how we miss your merry mood, constant supply of food, and any excuse to have a drink. Apparently, it’s no longer acceptable to have a box of celebrations for breakfast, drink Baileys and binge watch Christmas movies in your pyjamas... just because ‘it’s Christmas’ 🍻

Mid-term exams

What better way to ease ourselves back into uni than with some mid-term exams? Wonderful. So now, not only do we have to head back to uni, but we have to actually do some work too. Nice one January.

We’re skint

It seemed like such a good idea to blow all our money on Christmas jumpers and going out nearly every night in December. But now Jacobs crackers and a pint of gone-off milk are the only things left in the kitchen. FML. Seriously, we spent January's student loan payment before it had even hit our account.

Dry January

Everyone's banging on about starting off the year with a detox and cutting out the alcohol, when in reality, we just can’t afford a drink. We're forced into dry January against our own will.

It’s cold

If you’re studying up north, you’ll know that January often means snow. We're finding it pretty offensive that there’s no such thing as ‘snow days’ at uni too. And to top it off, we’re paying for our own bills. We've started to sound like out parents when we tell our housemates to ‘put a jumper on’ when they go near the thermostat. (Don’t freeze though, we’ve got some awesome tips to keep your bills down in winter!)


House hunting

It was all fun and games looking at students houses before Christmas, but we couldn’t decide if we preferred the one with the pool table or the one closest to the pub. Now, on top of all of the crap January is throwing at us, we’ve got to start house hunting again.

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