How to Survive Going Back to University this New Year

Ready to get back into the uni grind? No, us neither.

It's cold, you've left your fave coat at home and you have to cook for yourself again. Ouch. But don't panic, we're here to help. Here are our top 7 tips on how to survive being back at university, so the next few weeks aren't a massive slog.

Do a big food shop

Get your ducks in a row by doing a massive food shop. Stock up on the teabags, washing up liquid and toilet roll (you'll thank us later). There's nothing worse than having to pop to the shop to pick up that one thing you've forgotten for your dinner, so do yourself a favour by grabbing it early. Plus, this way you can spend more time in your PJs at home.

Clean your room

Start off the semester the right way: with a clean room. Avoid coming back and dumping your clothes on the floor and not making the bed. It's hard to stay motivated to do, well, ANYTHING over the winter months, so make it easy for yourself and tidy up. It'll make you feel loads better coming home from exams to a clean room.

Get your housing sorted

Did you forget? If you haven't already sorted your student accommodation, then get hunting quickly, before all the good ones are gone. Luckily, UniHomes have LOADS of great properties still available in case you haven't found anywhere yet. Book some enquiries in the next 5 minutes to kick off your year the right way.

Manage your money

Fancy saving some money? Grab the Student Beans app to keep an eye on freebies like a free McDonalds or Greggs (you're welcome). Managing your money makes uni a lot less stressful, so try not spend your whole loan in one go (or do spend it, we won't judge).

Bag some freebies

Check out when your uni's refreshers fair is and make sure you go. Don't miss out on the freebies - who doesn't need 12 pens??? Grab your mates and see what's on over the next few months, so you can stay in the know. Plus, there's usually some giveaways going on for you to win something decent.

Hit the gym

Get your endorphins going by doing some exercise. Weirdly, exercise makes you more awake and alert, so it's MEGA helpful over the exam period. Go with your mates to keep the motivation going (and have a bit of a laugh). Plus, by now all of the #NewYearNewMe gym goers will be getting bored, so you'll have more space.


Yes, you heard us. Treat yourself to a nap. Sleep until you can't any longer and make sure you're well rested for the next few weeks. Just try and make sure you're not going to bed at 6am and waking up at 5pm (how is it so easy to do?). Plus, let's face it, sleep is all we've been doing over the holidays anyway.

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