5 Tips All University Students Need to Know

What are the university top tips you need to know about?

Going to uni is probably the first time you've moved away from home, and it's a massive leap to take. But we've put together a list of our top tips which can help you get through it easily. Save money and live without stress with these tips 🙌

Buy your text books second hand

New books can be expensive, and the price can soon add up, so get them second hand to save heaps of cash. Better still, check to see if the library has the books you're looking for... who doesn't love a freebie?

Get some work experience while at uni

Whether you've been working for years, or this is your first step into employment, its work looking for a job. Getting a part-time job while at university can mean you leave with even more experience than what you learn on your course. The extra cash will do wonders, and if you can get a job in the area you're studying in, then it's a win-win. It’ll look excellent on your CV, and will go far when you eventually start applying for careers after university.

Make the most of your summer off

Working abroad is an undeniably brilliant experience, and an opportunity which doesn’t come around all too often. If you get the chance to study or travel abroad while you're off in summer, definitely take it. Who wouldn't? ☀️

Utilise discounts

Discount codes and deals are absolutely everywhere for students (seriously). Make sure to sign up to apps which offer discounts at your favourite places, and apply for railcards if you get the train often. You'll be surprised at how easy discounts are to find.

Make the most of it

From wearing fancy dress in the freezing cold on a night out, to staying up until 5am with your housemates having a laugh, the time you spend at university will make you memories for life. Try to squeeze in as much as you can, from joining societies and sports clubs to exploring the city you live in. Memories are made while at university. Take risks, go out of your comfort zone and enjoy the time you have. It'll fly by.

For more advice on how to get ahead of the new academic year, WhatUni have put together some great tips on a few things every student should do when they start university, read it here.

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