Top Tips While at University

University is a new experience for most. It’s the first time you’ve moved away and suddenly you are in a whole new world. Take a look at our top tips which could help you save money and help to ensure you live your student life without stress and worry.

  • Buy all your text books second hand. New books can be expensive and the price can soon add up. Better still, check to see if the library has books you are looking for to save further cash!
  • Get some work experience while at university. Yes, I know going out with friends 7 nights a week is fun, but working occasionally will build your experience. For many students this is their first taste of work. It can be fun in bars, meeting new people and building different skills. On top of that, it’ll look excellent on your CV, and will go far when you eventually start applying for careers after university.
  • Make the most of your summer off. Working abroad was a great experience on my first summer at university. An opportunity which doesn’t come around all too often. You often get up to 3 months. It’s so easy to do and a fantastic experience. I can’t think of a reason not to.
  • Housemates you meet in first year can often become family and friends for life. Some people can’t wait to get rid of the first bunch they meet but most go on to live with each other through second year, third year and beyond.
  • While at university, you will never struggle to find different nights out. You will go out in fancy dress in the freezing cold, you will wear outfits that only become acceptable after a bottle of wine and you definitely will say you’re never doing that again, until the week after. This is normal, you’re at university. These are often the nights you remember most.
  • Discount codes and deals are everywhere for students. Make sure to sign up to apps which offer discount at your favourite places. You will be surprised at how easy they are to find, with just a few minutes of searching.
  • Memories are made while at university. Take risks, go out of your comfort zone and enjoy the time you have. It can often fly by. One moment you’re heading into first year, no care in the world and then suddenly fourth year is upon you, the nights out have dried up and you are spending more time in the library than you are at home.

For more advice on how to get ahead of the new academic year, WhatUni have put together some great tips on a few things every student should do when they start university, read it here!

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