Student Homes near Hala Road, Lancaster

Student homes near Hala Road are some of the most popular among students. This is mostly due to the great atmosphere in the area and close proximity to local comforts. With popular cafes, bars and pubs within walking distance, which runs along the district, the area is home to many amenities, including pharmacies, markets and convenience stores.

Areas around Hala Road are full of students, mostly due to its easy access to both campuses. Student housing near Hala Road is a short walk to Lancaster University, making it easily accessible to get to the university. Despite being slightly further out of town, Hala Road borders many popular student districts, including the town centre and Bowerham Road, so you'll never be far from the action.

Surrounded by plenty of students, Hala Road is always going to be a safe bet for student accommodation. It takes just a short journey to get to Lancaster's town centre, and has everything you need nearby.

Why UniHomes?

Hala Road is mainly a residential area, meaning there's plenty of accommodation to choose from, no matter your group size. If you're not sure if Hala Road is for you, UniHomes have all-inclusive student accommodation available across the whole of Lancaster. Plus, with UniHomes, every single home comes with bills included.

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