Seven Bedroom Student Houses in Newcastle

A 7-bedroom student house in Newcastle is perfect for a large group of mates who want plenty of social living space. These homes usually offer busy communal areas and modern living rooms, so there's always something happening. Plus, larger properties tend to come with cheaper rent prices, so you'll have more cash to experience the city's student lifestyle.

Newcastle's city centre is famed for its nightlife, so finding a large 7-bedroom student house nearby would be a major win. Yet, no matter where you live, the city provides an excellent opportunity to embrace student life and get stuck into Newcastle.

Newcastle's student suburbs are where you're most likely to find 7-bedroom properties. The city's main student hubs, such as Heaton, Fenham, Jesmond and Sandyford, have plenty of options. These areas are in close proximity to the city centre, which is home to both Newcastle University and Northumbria University. This means making it to campus should be super easy. 

Why UniHomes?

UniHomes offer a wide selection of 7-bedroom student houses in Newcastle. We have homes available across the entire city of Newcastle, so you'll be able to choose from plenty of properties no matter your group size. The best thing about UniHomes? All of our properties have bills all included, so you have one less thing to worry about.

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