How to Manage All Your Assignments

Here's our guide on how to stay on top of your workload without the stress

When it’s coming towards the end of the academic year and you’re an undergraduate, it's about to get tough. Studying loads of modules means there's a good chance you'll be showered with assignments all at once. But don't panic! 🚨


Figure out which of your tasks will take the longest time, and how much work needs to be done for each one. Get the easiest ones done first, because this will snowball and make the harder ones much easier. Plus, if you have the smaller to-dos ticked off, you'll be able to see the finish line before you know it.

Avoid procrastination

Procrastination is the real enemy. If you can ignore this demon, you’re already onto a winner 🎉 Being able to refrain from aimless social media scrolling can be pretty difficult, so try to tackle your workload in bulks. Use a timer to work for 30 minutes, then have a 5 minute break. Knowing how long it is until you can rest is a great motivator, and you'll get that essay done in no time.

Be kind to yourself

Whether you’re in your first year or your final year, you're never going to get it all right, all the time. It's pretty difficult to understand absolutely everything on your course, and you're bound to have one theory that you just can't crack. So if you are struggling, understand that it's a very common problem. Put it away for now and tackle something else, because coming back to it with a clear head might just help you out.


Getting your priorities in order is important. Uni work should come first, even over part-time jobs (may as well make the most of spending £9k a year...). While it's always nice to have extra money available by working overtime or unsociable hours, it's important to know when to prioritise. There is no need to feel guilty for turning down additional shifts, or for denying your boss a favour here and there. Degrees don’t come cheap, so work hard, play hard, and be selfish.

Reward yourself

Some assignments are bloody awful. Especially when the tutor is a pain. But there’s no reason why the process of essay writing has to be a wholly negative experience. Studying through the night in long stretches might work for some. And leaving things until the last minute is an easy thing to do, but these can affect the quality of your work. So when you do hand in that essay you've been working hard on, treat yourself to that night out, or your favourite takeaway. You deserve it.

With this said, all that’s left for us to do is wish you good luck. And stay calm, the summer holidays are in sight ☀️

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