Should You Go All Inclusive on Your Student Home?

Wondering if going bills inclusive is right for you?

You’ve chosen your housemates, picked your dream student home, signed the tenancy, and now you’re all sorted… right? You may think the hard part’s over (finding the right student accommodation is a long process), but what about your bills?

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Organising the bills for your student home can be pretty confusing. It’s a long process which involves comparing companies, setting up direct debits, filling in a load of forms, and A LOT of waiting on hold if things go wrong.

If setting up numerous accounts with multiple service providers doesn’t sound like your bag, then there’s always the option of going all inclusive with your bills. This means you’ll only have to fill in one form, sort out one direct debit, and thankfully NEVER have to nag your housemates for their share of the bills again (why don’t they ever send it on time?!).

So, what are the benefits of going all inclusive on your student home? And what does going all inclusive actually involve? Here's our guide on going all inclusive and what it means for you.

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Looking for some specific advice? Here's what's covered in this guide.

👉  How does it work?
👉  What do I pay?
👉  Collecting payments
👉  The sign-up process
👉  Upgrading your WiFi
👉  One point of contact
👉  Getting ready to move in
👉  I didn’t find my house through UniHomes, can I still go all inclusive?

How does it work?

Going all inclusive means you let UniHomes look after your utilities for you. After you and your housemates sign up, we'll take the hassle of bills completely off your hands. Your utilities will be up and running for your move in date, and we'll manage the entire process for you (even closing your accounts).

What do I pay?

One of the biggest issues that students face when sorting their own bills is that some housemates often pay more than others. Rather than having one housemate pay the water bill, one pay the electricity, and another pay the TV licence, you’re all guaranteed to pay the same amount when going all inclusive on your student home.

Collecting payments

If you’re the organised housemate, you’re probably familiar with having to nag your housemates for everything under the sun. Whether it’s to do the dishes, take out the bins or clean the bathroom, sometimes it can seem like you’re the only one pulling your weight. Yet, if you decide to go all inclusive with your bills, you’ll never have to worry about nagging your housemates for their share of the bills.

If you’re the one who usually forgets to send your monthly payments to your housemates, we get it - it’s easy to forget (and sometimes you’d just rather have that extra cash in your bank for a few more days). Luckily, going all inclusive with UniHomes means you won’t have to worry about sending payments again, as your bills will comes out in a single, easy direct debit payment on the 1st of every month.

The sign-up process

Getting your new pad sorted for the time you move in can be pretty overwhelming. From packing up your current place and making sure you get your deposit back (link to blog), to tying up any loose ends with utility bills companies or estate agents. Calling a million different providers is time-consuming, boring, and just generally a real pain. Luckily, with an all inclusive bills package, you’ll only have to worry about filling in one utility form in order to get your new house ready for your move-in date. We'll guide you through the entire sign-up process, and we're always on-hand for a chat if you get stuck.

Upgrading your WiFi

Some all inclusive utility providers don’t offer you the chance to upgrade your WiFi, meaning you might get stuck with crappy internet (which is definitely the WORST thing ever). Luckily, with a provider like UniHomes, you’re able to upgrade your internet to Superfast Fibre Broadband with Virgin Media, which is a quick and easy fix for those pesky internet issues (subject to availability). If you want to upgrade, all you have to do is let us know.

We're your one point of contact

You don't have to wait on hold to hundreds of utility companies if you choose to go all inclusive. UniHomes acts as your single point of contact for any issues that may arise. Rather than having a different phone number to ring for your electricity, water, gas, TV licence and internet, you’re able to get it all sorted quickly with just one number to call. Plus, UniHomes offers 24-hour internet support, so you’ll always be able to sort out your WiFi problems if anything goes wrong.

Your utilities will all be set up for your move-in date

After signing up for a bills-inclusive package, you can forget about your utilities and leave it to the experts. With UniHomes, we ensure all of your bills are organised and in place for the day you move in, so you don't have to worry about setting up any other accounts. Simply move straight in and get ready for the housewarming.

I didn't find my student home through UniHomes, can I still go all inclusive?

Whether you found your student home through UniHomes, a local letting agent or re-signed for a property, you can still go all inclusive with us. We're happy to help with any student home, so simply fill in this form and we'll be in touch!

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