The Best Places to Live in Nottingham

The Best Places to Live in Nottingham

15 October 2020 • 4 min read

Moving to Nottingham and not sure where to set up camp?

There are LOADS of sought-after student hubs in the city to look for a student home – no matter which university you’re heading to. Here are the best places for student accommodation in Nottingham.

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City Centre

Student Accommodation in Nottingham City Centre

Prices start from: £126pppw

House sizes: 1-12 bedrooms (there’s plenty to explore)

Best for: Being in the middle of the hustle and bustle

Student homes in the city centre of Nottingham are perfect for students who love being in the middle of the action. This vibrant neighbourhood is jam-packed with insane nightlife opportunities, including quirky bars and indie gastropubs. Plus, Nottingham’s reliable transport routes will get you to university in no time.

Student accommodation in the city centre usually consists of high-rise modern flats and apartment blocks – so it’s ideal for a small group of mates. Alternatively, a couple of incredibly large 12-bedroom townhouses line the outskirts of the district for bigger groups. On the whole, if you’re looking for a pad within a short walk to Nottingham’s lively atmosphere, then the city centre is the way to go.

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Student Accommodation in Arboretum

Prices start from: £105pppw

House sizes: 2-6 bedrooms

Best for: Being close to other students and the campus at Nottingham Trent University, student homes in Arboretum are right in the heart of Nottingham’s student hotspot. The neighbourhood is crawling with student digs, so there are plenty of different property types to call home (and you’ll never be far from your mates). The vibrant atmosphere of the area hosts an abundance of independent restaurants and bistros to explore, all while having a bit of distance from the busy city centre.

Home to its namesake, Arboretum Park, there’s plenty of room to stretch your legs or have a quick kick-around with some mates. Nottingham Trent University is found in the district, and with great transport links, the city centre is just a short bus journey away, meaning Arboretum is ideal for getting around the city easily.

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Student Accommodation in Lenton

Prices start from: £102pppw

House sizes: 3-8 bedrooms

Best for: Getting around the city

Lenton is found close to the University of Nottingham AND it's within walking distance to the city centre, so it’s the ultimate spot for UoN students to set up camp. The district is home to plenty of trendy local pubs and bars which are packed with residents, making the perfect spot to spend an evening with some mates.
Understandably, the neighbourhood is incredibly sought-after. Sandwiched between other student hubs Dunkirk and Woolaton, you’ll be centrally located for exploring Nottingham’s student essentials.

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Student Accommodation in Beeston

Prices start from: £100pppw

House sizes: 2-6 bedrooms

Best for: Residential vibes and an amazing location

Student homes in Beeston suit second and third-year students super well, as there’s an equal balance between the bustling city and suburban living. The area has its own friendly community feel, and the streets are lined with inviting coffee shops and local amenities and pubs to discover.

With easy bus routes you will get to both universities in Nottingham in no time, as well as the city centre which is just 20 minutes away. Overall, Beeston is ideal for students who want to explore Nottingham’s student life, without living in the middle of the action.

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Student Accommodation in Hockley

Prices start from: £133pppw

House sizes: 1-5 bedrooms

Best for: Creatives looking to explore the city’s culture

Dubbed the coolest neighbourhood in Nottingham, Hockley is an up-and-coming creative hub which is ideal for indie types. The area is crammed with exciting cultural offerings, including plenty of live music, indie film nights and quirky galleries. Home to Nottingham Pride Festival, Hockley regularly has trendy events to enjoy between your studies. Plus, there are a bunch of interesting cafes and bistros to get stuck into when you’re feeling peckish.

The area is found super close to the centre of Nottingham, so the city is your oyster. The University of Nottingham is just over 20 minutes away via public transport. Collectively, Hockley is one of the city’s best places to find a student home.

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Nottingham is also full of brilliant green spaces, such as Sherwood Forest, so is one of the nicest cities in the UK.

If Nottingham is shouting out to you and you want to learn more about the property types, and how to keep your cost of living down with all inclusive homes, we are here to help!

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