These are the Best Student Cities Based on Your Personality

Not sure where to go to university? Here's what we recommend based on your personality 👇

Big city or small? Wild nightlife or rolling hills? Green spaces or sandy beaches? When you’re choosing where to study, it’s always important to think about what’s right for you.

And here’s the thing: everyone’s different. What some of us might consider the best student city won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. 

Naturally, the university will play a huge role in the city you choose to live in, but there are plenty of other factors that will inevitably shape your decision.

Read on to discover the best student cities based on your personality!

🌊 If you love to be beside the seaside...

…You’ll love living in Brighton! Here, the atmosphere is always buzzing, and a beach is always within walking distance.

Situated on the south east coast, Brighton’s beach is one of the most famous in the UK, attracting tourists from across the world whenever the weather gets warm. Of course, when you’re living here, you’ll get to benefit from the beach all year round and dodge the swarm of tourists.

Although it’s known as ‘London-by-the-sea’, the culture in Brighton rivals the beach in reasons to live here: from festivals and rallies to a thriving nightlife and a passion for arts and culture, it’s hard not to fall in love with Brighton when you move here.

⚽️ If you’re a football fan...

Newcastle will welcome you in with open arms! Even if you don’t support the local team, the culture in this northern English city will sweep you up in its community spirit.

Whether you grow to become a proud member of the Toon Army or just want to appreciate from the sidelines, it doesn’t take long to start feeling at home in Newcastle. Beyond the footballing culture, you’ll benefit from a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a great night out whenever you want one.

🎨 If you’re a patron of the arts…

Sheffield should be high on your list. This South Yorkshire city embraces arts in all forms - from visual arts to music, dance and drama.

Sheffield continues to be a source of inspiration to artists, and the affordable studio space ensures the talent in this city is well nurtured. The arts scene contributes massively to Sheffield’s vibrancy as well as its economy – in fact, around 7.2% of Sheffield's working population are employed in the creative industries, well above the national average of 4%. If you’re looking to pursue a career in art, you’ll fit right in!

🎧 If you’re into music…

…You should move to Liverpool, where the live music scene is renowned in the UK and across the world.

Everyone knows Liverpool for The Beatles, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This is a UNESCO listed City of Music, home to a buzzing live music circuit, an abundance of recording studios, record shops and grassroots music organisations. Whether you love jazz, rock, indie, pop or something completely different, you won’t have to look too hard to find a scene for it.

Liverpool is bursting at the seams with musical talent – so, if you’re a musician yourself, you’ll feel right at home in this Merseyside city. 

🌲 If you’re a self-proclaimed tree-hugger…

…You might want to move to the UK’s greenest city. Bristol was ranked top on the list by Compare the Market, scoring high for recycling and air quality.

This city is full of green spaces for strolls, picnics and quiet study sessions – but don’t for a moment think there’s anything quiet about this city. The population here has a reputation for activism, particularly when it comes to issues such as climate change, conservation and human rights.

Of course, the student community does know how to have a good time: when you live here, it’s hard not to take advantage of the buzzing nightlife that runs throughout the city.

👨‍🎓 If you’re a history buff…

…York could be the perfect place to study. Situated in north east England, York was founded by the ancient Romans and its rich history has been well preserved. From the gothic Cathedral adorned in stain glass to the City Walls and a vast collection of museums, you’ll feel like you’ve time-travelled when you start exploring the cobbled streets of York.

Of course, times have changed, and York has since been rejuvenated by its lively student population. 

🌮 If you’re a foodie… 

…You’ll feel right at home in Birmingham, where street food or gourmet options are equally as mouth-watering and always on offer. Yes, there are currently five Michelin-starred restaurants in this Midlands city, but this diverse foodie haven goes beyond the high-price tags of fine dining.

Asian cuisine is the beating heart of Birmingham, and Chinatown has long been a student favourite. That said, the arrival of the Digbeth Dining Club changed the game in Birmingham. Whether you’re big on burgers or you’re after a post-lecture Balti, this is a must-visit street food destination and a reason alone to move here for uni!

🏃‍♀️ If you love to keep active…

…You’ll be with your people in Loughborough. Not only does the university hold unrivalled achievement in sport, but the town is home to beautiful parks where you can keep fit and immerse yourself in nature all at once.

There’s also an indoor climbing station that is a go-to for students looking to stay active and try something new – trust us, it’s way harder than it looks! The culture in Loughborough is a reason in itself to study here. From the entertainment available at the Town Hall to the farmers markets that offer students a change from microwave meals, Loughborough is as charming as it is vibrant. 

🗺 If you’re an adventurer… 

Keele will make for a great base. Although Keele itself is a village and not a city, the expansive countryside that surrounds it is a hillwalkers dream.

Maybe you’ve been raised in a big city and need a break... or maybe you’re already an avid hiker and want to study somewhere where you’ll be surrounded by nature. Either way, Keele is bound to tick your boxes. Plus, it’s only 4 miles from Stoke-on-Trent, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on nightlife. On campus, the tight-knit student community in Keele makes it easy to fit in and make friends.

🍻 If you love a good night out…

…Look no further than Manchester. It’s no secret that Manchester’s nightlife is one of – if not THE best – in the UK.

No matter what you’re into, there’s a club for you. Be it Albert Hall (arguably the most popular club in Manchester) where world-renowned DJs grace the decks, Matt & Phred’s jazz club, where live acts play 6 nights of the week, or Hidden, an award-winning venue that hosts infamous summer parties and boasts a warehouse-style basement club.

Manchester is, without a doubt, a party city; and the people here are open-minded and ready to accept you for who you are.

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