What to Expect After Graduating

So, you've done it! You've graduated, packed your bags and you're all set to head home for the summer. But, what happens next? For final year students, the realities of graduate life are just around the corner. And let's be honest, it's not looking great.

For third years, the days of 50p sambuca shots are long gone, and a night out with giddy freshers probably isn’t your idea of fun anymore. Some final year students are buzzing to head off back home and leave student life behind, but for most students it can be haunting.

We're here to tell you that, despite what you might think, graduate life isn't as horrible as it's made out to be. Here are some things you can expect after graduation.

Moving back home

There will always be squabbles, rows, and plenty of bickering with parents, guardians or younger siblings once you move home. It’s territorial, and just can’t be helped. But this doesn't mean moving home is something to dread.

Moving home is as good as you make it. It won’t be forever, so enjoy it while you can. The guarantee of a hot meal, a clean kitchen, and the rubbish actually getting taken out really do make all the difference. And of course, returning home means you can reconnect with old friends who you might not have seen for a while (anyone for a bev?).

It’s worth noting that you're now liable to pay council tax when you graduate, and your family may expect you to pay board. But luckily, this is likely to be a fraction of what you paid for at university.

Worrying about grades

No, not getting the grade you wanted doesn't define you. Whether you're pleasantly surprised or slightly disappointed about the results you receive, it doesn't mean your next steps in life are guaranteed. Hard work pays off, so you'll be able to get your dream job no matter your grade, if you try hard enough.

While it is true that a 2:1 honours degree is a requirement for some of the more prestigious graduate schemes, there's no substitute for character. The idea that graduates without a 2:1 will struggle to realise their goals is a complete myth.

Excellent interview technique, relevant experience and quality of character will bag you that dream internship or well-paid job, not numbers on a certificate.

Applying for jobs

Regardless of your degree, you won't receive feedback from employers on most applications. This isn’t personal, and you won’t be doing much wrong at all. It’s just that the job market can be that competitive. With the amount of other people applying for one role, your application can fall to the bottom of the pile.

It's important to not let this affect you when trying to land your first career. Working your way onto that ladder - through apprenticeships, internships or other voluntary positions - is one of the hardest things you’ll face as a graduate. Embracing the difficulties head-on with a smile is the quickest way to reach your goals.

Repaying your student loan

The thought of repaying tens of thousands of pounds back to the government can be pretty overwhelming. But don't panic! It's never as bad as it seems.

The reality is that the majority of people never fully pay back their loan, and if they do it's in small, reasonable payments. And if you find yourself without work after graduating, you won’t pay back a penny until you're earning. Plus, if you're in need of some help with finances once university ends, many high street banks tend to offer increased overdraft limits on graduate current accounts.

Doing a masters degree

Don't fancy leaving the student bubble just yet? Then don't. Doing a masters degree - especially a part time one - is a great way to ease yourself into the real world.

Obviously you should only opt for further study for the right reasons, but if you genuinely believe that additional study will refine your knowledge in a particular area, and improve your employment prospects, then doing a masters degree could be perfect.

Remember that post-university life isn’t as daunting as you might think. Whatever your path, UniHomes wishes you nothing but the best. And, if you do decide to take up the option of further study, hopefully we’ll see you again sometime soon ✌️

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