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Nine Bedroom Student Houses in Nottingham

A 9-bedroom student house in Nottingham is the perfect option for a group of mates who love a bustling student living experience. These larger properties are dotted across Nottingham, and come with spacious communal living spaces, modern kitchens and double bedrooms. A nine-bedroom home is the way to go if you want a memorable time as a student.

Most of Nottingham’s larger homes can be found across its popular student hotspots. The city centre is always an excellent location for being close to the hustle and bustle, but 9-bedroom student homes can be hard to come by here. For more options, try expanding your search into the city’s student suburbs.

Students at the University of Nottingham tend to live around Lenton, Wollaton and Beeston. These are traditionally populated with UoN students and are sought after year-on-year. Nottingham Trent University’s students will have luck in Arboretum or Dunkirk, which are right on the campus doorstep.

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