How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Uni Open Day

How can you make the most of your virtual uni open day?

If your potential future university has taken their open days online, you’re probably a bit concerned about getting the information you need. You’re no longer visiting the uni in person, so how can you tell if it’s the right fit for you?

Surprisingly, there are a bunch of resources online to help you get what you need from your virtual uni open day, and we’ve got the best top tips for you right here. So, here are some things to consider when attending your university’s virtual open day and how you can make the most of it.

What's in this guide?

Looking for some specific advice? Here's what's covered in this guide.

👉  Go in with an open mind
👉  Get to know the city
👉  Speak to current students
👉  Take notes
👉  Don't do it alone
👉  When's your next open day?

Go in with an open mind

You might have your heart set on which university is your first choice, but make sure to go to any virtual uni open day with an open mind. Avoid paying less attention to universities you’re unsure about, and make sure to spend time evaluating each option.

Treat each university open day the same. Ask similar questions for each one, attend all of the relevant online meetings, and spend time researching the university before and after too. This will put you in the best position for deciding which university is right for you.

Get to know the city

The city your university is in will really make or break your student experience, so it’s worth getting to know your potential future home. Having your open day online may lead you to miss out on getting to know atmosphere of the city, so it’s a good idea to do some research.

Whether it’s getting around campus, seeing what shops are in the city centre, or simply learning a bit about the history, invest time in the things that are important to you. From culture and events to pubs and bars, figure out what the student community is like and if you’ll find yourself at home.

If you’re provided with videos of the city, campus and previous events during your virtual uni open day, make the most of these. It’s a good idea to utilise Google Maps to do tours of campus, the city centre, and where your accommodation could be.

Speak to current students

Open days offer a great opportunity for potential students to chat to those already studying at the university. You’re able to ask questions about your future course and student life in the city.

Some virtual viewings will still provide this opportunity and connect you with existing students. So, make sure to write down any questions you might have before attending. Examples of things you might ask are:

  • Where is the best place in the city for students to live?
  • What modules do you recommend taking for the course?
  • Is there anything you wish you knew before you started university?

If chatting to existing students isn’t possible at your virtual uni open day, try looking online. The Student Room has a wealth of information on offer for future students, so you can ask any questions you have or read through existing conversations. Check it out here.

It’s worth looking at Facebook pages for freshers at your university, to see if there are any discussions going on. Your Freshers Guide has great resources for students all over the UK, including groups to put you in touch with other future students. Find your university here.

Take notes

If you’re attending multiple open days it can be easy to confuse information, especially if your events occur one after another. This can lead you to forget important information, and blur facts from each university together.

Taking notes is the best way to distinguish between your open days, and it’s even easier when you’re doing them virtually. Keep a notepad and pen next to your computer, and jot down anything that sparks interest. Remember, you can never have too many notes, so write down absolutely anything and everything. You’ll thank yourself later.

Don’t do it alone

Students usually attend open days with a parent, guardian or close friend. This provides a vital opportunity to discuss the day and, most importantly, get a second opinion. It can be easy when you’re in the moment to overlook key factors, but your companion can ask obvious questions which you make have initially ignored.

Ask someone you trust to attend the open days with you, so you have someone to bounce your ideas off. Making such a big decision on your own can be hard, so you’ll definitely benefit from talking things through.

Remember, choosing your university is a big decision, and it shouldn’t be rushed. Take time to reflect on your open day and give it a while before you make any permanent decisions. If you’re unsure about anything at all, simply get in touch with your university, as they’ll be happy to help.

When is your next open day?

Here’s a guide to the upcoming open days happening this summer.


The University of Bath has created an Undergraduate Virtual Experience for those who’ve missed out on open days this year. The experience has a bunch of online events on offer over the coming weeks, as well as virtual tours and informational videos. You can see them here.

Bath Spa University has taken their open days online. Their next event covers all subjects on June 6th, and will cover presentations, live Q&As, virtual campus tours and more. You can sign up here.


The University of Brighton is putting on frequent subject-specific Q&As for undergraduate and postgraduate students, which will be incredibly valuable for students hoping to call Brighton home. They’re also putting on a bunch of online events in place of open days. Explore it all here.

The University of Sussex is planning a virtual open day in the coming weeks, which students can register for online. This will help you explore the campus, find out more about the courses and ask questions to both academics and students. You can register here.


The University of Bristol is having its next virtual open day on June 26th, where potential students can take a deeper look into undergraduate study. You’re able to book a spot now and meet staff, learn more about studying in Bristol, and explore the campus in a 360 tour. Find out more here.

The University of the West of England has a few upcoming online events on offer, with June 6th being the next virtual open day for undergraduates. The event will include live Q&A chats with current students so you can get a feel for life at UWE. Register here.


Coventry University has a few upcoming undergraduate events, with the next being on June 19th. The university has also created a Virtual Experience so you can explore the campus and get to know the spirit of the city. It’s definitely worth checking out. 

The University of Warwick is working on introducing virtual open days through June, but plans are still in the works. You can register you interest here.


The University of Leeds is helping you discover the whole of Leeds from home, with their virtual open days happening between June 29th and July 10th. Everything from live chats to Q&A sessions will be available. Talks from the days will be available afterwards for those who can’t make it. Find out more here.

Leeds Beckett University is having their next online open day on July 3rd. The event will have a virtual tour of campus available, as well as the opportunity to chat to a current student about your course and life in Leeds. You can check it out here.


Newcastle University is giving you the chance to sign up for online open days, events, student insights and expert advice. They also have a series of virtual tours of the city and campus, available online here.

Northumbria University has virtual tours on offer so you can visit the city, explore the campus, and meet the community, all from your home. From subject talks, live Q&As and live chats, the university has a lot on offer. You can book a place for your relevant course here.


The University of East Anglia has its next virtual open day on July 4th, where you can learn what it’s like to study in Norwich. You’ll have the chance to explore the campus and facilities, chat to current students and find out more about your course. Register here.

Norwich University of the Arts has taken their open days online, with their next undergraduate offering on June 19th. This will include tours of facilities, a look at student work, visits to studios and workshops, course specific talks and advice. Book a place here.


The University of Sheffield has two virtual open days in the calendar, for June 27th and July 11th. Discover Sheffield from home with videos of the city, interactive campus tours, and get the opportunity to speak to staff and students at UoS. Book a place here.

Sheffield Hallam University has their next open day scheduled for June 25th, where you’ll be able to talk online to academic staff, chat to existing students and find out more about your course. You can register here.


The University of Southampton’s first virtual open day will be held on June 24th, where you can get key information from the comfort of your home. From live chats and course talks, you’ll be able to find out more about life in Southampton. Book a place here.

Solent University has postponed its open days until the autumn, but you can still find out more about life in Southampton. Take a virtual tour of campus, find out about courses and ask questions if you need to. Check it out here.


The University of Portsmouth has open days available on July 2nd and July 4th for those who want to get a feel for student life in Portsmouth. You’ll be able to tour campus and the facilities on offer, speak with lecturers and chat with students, as well as learning more about life in Portsmouth. You can book a spot here.

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