The Best Hangover Cures For Students (That Actually Work)

Follow these top tips to fight off your hangover 👇

The day after a wild night out (or a messy night in) doesn’t have to be a write-off...

We all know how it goes. After a few too many, the thumping headache and total lack of energy are enough to keep most of us in bed - scrolling takeaway menus for the fastest delivery of something salty to soak up the booze. But, what if there were steps you could take to actually kick a hangover to the curb? 🤯

Spoiler alert: there are. In fact, you might be surprised at how the human body can tackle a hangover by just making a few small tweaks. If you’re currently nursing a hangover and vowing to never drink again, these little tips might just come in handy...

Make every second drink a glass of water

A couple of years ago, Heineken had a TV ad that showed someone on a night out drinking water between every pint. We were skeptical at first, but here’s the thing - it actually works. Dehydration is actually the main cause of many of the symptoms of a hangover.

Since we tend to go to the toilet more frequently once the “seal is broken”, we lose a lot of fluids. Drinking water won’t stop you from getting drunk. If anything, it helps to keep you at the fun tipsy stage for longer, and you’re far less likely to have a headache the next day. 

Line your stomach with carbs

You probably already know that lining your stomach can make all the difference in lessening the negative effects of a hangover. But, how often is a big greasy meal a priority for you before a heavy night?

If you want to give your body the best chance at a quick recovery, devour a large serving of carbohydrates before you start the sesh. A big bowl of pasta is simple and effective in slowing down the rate of alcohol absorption.

Avoid darker coloured drinks

Ever had a night on the red wine and woken up feeling like a shell of the person you once were? We feel you.

The truth is, not all booze is created equal. Some drinks have a much higher level of congeners in them - something that's produced when alcohol is fermented. The more congeners in your drinks, the worse you’ll feel the next day.

So, if your drink of choice is a dark rum, whiskey or red wine, you might want to switch these out for lighter drinks like white wine, gin or vodka. Obviously, these drinks can still give you a hangover, but the headache won’t be half as bad. 

Don’t make it worse

When you’re feeling rough from a night of booze, the age-old “hair of the dog” can feel like the best solution to cure the hangover. While this actually does provide short-term relief (because our bodies are effectively in withdrawal), all you’re doing is kicking the can down the road. And trust us, the double hangover is way worse. Way, way worse.

Instead, opt for something like Powerade or Lucozade. These isotonic drinks are designed to replenish sugars and salts quickly, so can work wonders for that hangover.

Stick to the same type of booze

This is something that your parents nag you about but is actually true... When you mix your drinks, it’s much harder to keep track of how many you’ve had.

A cocktail is just one drink, right? Wrong - it’s actually two/three shots. After polishing off a bottle of wine, a couple of cocktails will cause a sharp increase in the alcohol content and therefore make your hangover so much worse.

At least if you stick to the same drink, you can notice the progression of how drunk you’re getting rather than getting slapped around the face with it when the effects kick in. 

Avoid the caffeine-alcohol combo

Vodka/Red Bull may sound like an iconic duo, and the only thing that’s going to keep you alert, but that’s not always a good thing. Since the caffeine in an energy drink can mask the drowsy effects of alcohol, you may be able to have a lot more booze than you would otherwise. The result is a very sore head and an upset tummy the next day.

Save the caffeine for the hangover - a cup of coffee will perk you up and help you through the early morning lectures!

Replace lost salts

Depending on how you’re feeling, eating may be the last thing you want to do when you wake up to a hangover. However, a good old-fashioned fry up can actually be a great way to replace the fatty acids and break down the alcohol in your liver.

If you aren’t a vegan, we recommend including eggs in that breakfast - they contain taurine, which helps to fight the damage that alcohol can do to your liver. Alternatively, have a banana - these are great for replenishing your body with some hearty potassium. 

Make time for a nap 

Sleeping it off is often the best way to bounce back. When you’re asleep, your body gets to work repairing the damage that the alcohol has caused. Unfortunately, alcohol reduces rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which means the more you drink before bed, the less well-rested you will feel the next day. If you’re planning on drinking, make sure you’ve got time in your schedule the next day for a good, long nap. Just don’t make that time a lecture… 

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