7 Bed Student Homes in London

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Seven Bedroom Student Houses in London

A 7-bedroom student house in London offers the perfect student living experience for a larger group of mates who want more of a social living space and like the idea of busy communal living areas, with lots going on. With high-quality bedrooms, great living spaces and sometimes even gardens, these homes are a hive of activity which make for a memorable student experience.

There's an excellent selection of seven bedroom student properties across London's most popular student hotspots, so you're sure to find something to suit your group. However, with so much of the city being full of flats and modern apartment buildings any 7-bedroom student houses in London will get snapped up quickly. So, if you spot one you like the look of make sure you get a viewing in and get things booked up!

When it comes to finding the right area in London, naturally you won’t have too much trouble getting around. With Boris bikes for the cyclists amongst you, it’s a dream, but there’s always the tube network as well as bus routes which can help you get around.

In terms of finding the right area, it all depends on what type of thing you’re looking for. Whether you want the party lifestyle of Shoreditch and Hackney, which is full of cool indie bars and pubs, or if you want a bit more of a low-key experience with some greenery to enjoy at Finsbury Park or Battersea.

Why UniHomes?

Through UniHomes you can see a whole ton of 7-bedroom student houses in London. There’s a brilliant selection in all of London, but if you’re not quite sure who you might be bunking up with yet, you can check out some differently sized properties with us too. The great thing about UniHomes? Every property you see has all of the bills included!

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