1 Bed Student Flats in London

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One Bedroom Student Flats in London

If you’re living in London, sometimes there’s nothing better than having your own space and a proper place to turn into your own. You’ll be able to see a great selection of 1-bedroom student flats in London, which are perfect if you don’t like the idea of sharing the washing up with anyone or a quiet place to study.

With lots of different options throughout the city, there are contemporary living arrangements in pretty much all of London. Lots of modern flats and apartment buildings with plenty of quality 1-bedroom student flats.

Due to London’s fantastic transport links, whichever area of the city you decide to live in, getting out and about is easy. With London’s fantastic tube network, along with 24 hour bus routes and of course the Boris bikes for the cyclists amongst you, whichever part of the city you decide to go for, you shouldn’t be too limited.

There are so many different living in areas in London, it’s important you take a look around the city to see which is one is right for you first, whether you want the indie vibes of Camden and Brixton, or you prefer the slightly more contemporary living space of Bermondsey and Greenwich.

Why UniHomes?

If you think you’re going to need a much bigger place, you can see a variety of differently sized student accommodation options across all of London with UniHomes. To make things as easy as possible, every property you see also has all of the bills included, so no need to worry about getting things set up when you move in!

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