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Eight Bedroom Student Houses in London

An 8-bedroom student house in London is ideal for students studying at any of the city's incredible universities. These homes offer large bedrooms, plenty of communal living space and they're perfect for those who enjoy being with their mates. Plus, these homes usually come with cheaper rent prices, so you'll have more cash to experience London's student lifestyle.

There are plenty of popular student locations close to University College London, including King's Cross and Regent's Park - which are both within walking distance to campus. For students at the University of Greenwich, 2-bedroom homes are dotted across Greenwich and are perfect for getting to lectures.

Why UniHomes?

UniHomes have a bunch of fantastic 8-bedroom student houses in London, which have the added benefit of all bills included. If you're looking for a different group size, or simply want to check out London's other student areas, we have properties available across the city.

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